Long over due update

So many things have changed…  **sighs heavily**  Mostly good, but seems like so much chaos has been formed because of the changes… Some think I’ve (or SB and I) forgotten about them… when, in fact, that’s totally not the case… I’m hoping there’s not any hard feelings due to neglect or lack of communication…  If… Continue reading Long over due update

Supposed to

be sleeping…… it’s been so hectic, chaotic, and extremely busy lately….. ugh…. So many changes going on… mostly good ones but one I wasn’t expecting was the one that happened at work…. Yet ANOTHER management change…. I’ve been at the “new” store since November, and my first Manager got fired, and now my “new” manager… Continue reading Supposed to

Yesterday (6/3)

I guess I could say oddly…. we were “basically” almost completely domestic… I mean… doesn’t every domestic couple go to the store and buy a light-up leash for their human pet?  And look at everything in the store in a “different” light?  Probably not.. most vanilla people would think we were just weird.. well…. fuck… Continue reading Yesterday (6/3)

Hello world! (added to 6/3/14)

Welcome to the ramblings of a DirtyPony… Who am I?  I’m submissive to StupidButt (SB)… He’s the first person whom I’ve EVER submitted to…I don’t remember the day it happened, but one day, he was sitting on the couch, and instead of sitting beside him, I knelt at his feet, wrapped my arms around his… Continue reading Hello world! (added to 6/3/14)