About DirtyPony

How did the name originate??  Originally it was simply a screen name in an online MMORPG called World of Warcraft… You see… Pony has been a nickname of mine for over two decades, now…. amazing how time flies… It was derived from a Yahoo!Chat name that I had Epona_Morrigan…. You see, Epona is the Celtic Goddess of Horses (which I adore) and Morrigan is the Celtic Goddess of Battle, Strife and (oddly) Fertility… some would call me ‘Pona, then it ended up Pony and I’ve answered to it (pretty  much) since then… though not everyone calls me Pony, only a special few….

So…… how did Epona_Morrigan morph into DirtyPony?  Well… I’m one of the few women in the world who’ll say what she means and mean what she says… and I’m extremely sexual in nature, especially when I’m not at work… therefore hearing “OMG you’re  naughty!!!” So I was wanting to make a new character for the guild and “translated” naughty into dirty…. and DirtyPony was born… this game is where I met my Master/Dominant/boyfriend StupidButt (SB)… Granted we have almost always gotten along, but in the beginning of our relationship, we kept most things “hidden” from the guild… so as not to interfere with the way everyone treated us.  Though I think there were a few, in the beginning, who might have known a little, but very little, and definitely not any extent to which he and I were involved.. now.. the lid’s off the bucket, so to speak….

Who I am is currently constantly changing as I delve deeper into a “darker” side of myself, and as SB allows me to explore more and more, as I help him explore too…..