Crucial Lessons

Almost exactly two years to the date that SB collared me, he has removed my beloved collar–rightfully so… This is not a poor pitiful me or anything of that sort. My lessons? Honesty, Openness, Faithfulness, and Complacency…. I’ve always said that SB and I were open, honest, and faithful… and I fucked up… Back in… Continue reading Crucial Lessons

Lovers (1.16.2011)

His blonde hair and blue eyes always made her heart skip a beat or two, especially when he was completely drenched in sweat after they made love. Her heart was never going to be full enough of him, in fact, she felt it was going to burst at times when he smiled that brilliant smile… Continue reading Lovers (1.16.2011)

Don’t Know…….(20Dec2010)

Do I wanna keep doing this? Shadows Looming Covering all the sunshine, hiding the brightness and cultivating sourness, bitter anger. Raw pain. Never heard, Never listened to. Why draw my next breath, when it will be wasted, and simply ignored? Why keep fighting? Why? I simply don’t know. 20Dec2010 (ds)

First Time (1.09.2011)

She pads slowly into the room that, until now, had been off limits to her, other than her imagination. Her golden green eyes widening as she admires each implement of potential torture, some she has never seen before, but she feels her body craving to have them tested on her willing and hungry flesh. Her… Continue reading First Time (1.09.2011)

Getting things started…….

Hi there!! **waves** I’m not really certain where I want to begin, or even if I really want to begin….. again. *chuckles* I’ve had a myspace account for sometime, since 2006 or there abouts…. I don’t really remember, cuz it doesn’t really matter all that much, I guess….. heh….. I play World of Warcraft, it’s… Continue reading Getting things started…….