Lovers (1.16.2011)

His blonde hair and blue eyes always made her heart skip a beat or two, especially when he was completely drenched in sweat after they made love. Her heart was never going to be full enough of him, in fact, she felt it was going to burst at times when he smiled that brilliant smile of his. She loved him, completely and utterly. Her mind always raced thinking of ways to please him.
She leaned over to him and gently kissed the corner of his mouth, then she playfully bit his lip and giggled as he returned her kiss. “Insatiable,” he softly whispered on her skin with a sigh and a gentle shake of his head. As she ran her fingertips softly across his damp chest, she could see his heartbeat quickening. She smiled softly as her golden-green eyes were smoldering for more of him. Her body burning for more of his touch, she began to kiss her way down his neck, licked at his pulse a moment, before she continued kissing her way down his body. She lingered at each of his nipples, lightly nipping and kissing them. She gave a happy giggle when she heard his pleasured moan. As she proceeded to kiss her way down lower and lower, she could see and feel his already spent body begin to come alive with each of her kisses and tender touches.
She slowly grazed the inside of his thighs with her fingertips as she kept kissing and teasing his body until she reached the base of his awakening manhood then she hungrily sucked his cock inside of her mouth, his pleasured sounds made her greedy for more. Her well trained and practiced mouth worked it’s magic on him and soon her mouth was full of his throbbing and aching cock, she began to suck deeper and deeper. She looked up at him and locked her eyes on his as she made love to him with just her mouth and hands this time, his eyes burned for her now. He laced his fingers in her long, dark tresses and pressed her deeper onto his hardness, she gasped and resisted at first, then remembered the trust she had in him, and allowed her mouth to be fucked deeper and harder than ever before. He threw his head back as he moaned, “Oh, Anna! You naughty girl!” He could feel her suck and swallow every last drop of his seed as he found release inside her eager mouth.

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