First Time (1.09.2011)

She pads slowly into the room that, until now, had been off limits to her, other than her imagination. Her golden green eyes widening as she admires each implement of potential torture, some she has never seen before, but she feels her body craving to have them tested on her willing and hungry flesh. Her hands trembling in her lap as she kneels at his feet. Her entire existence has been groomed for this important moment, her first chance to serve the One who had become known to her simply as “Seamus.”
He smiles as he takes in her beautifully graceful form and gently strokes her long, dark hair before whispering to her, “Very nice, baby girl, very nice.” He continues to stroke her hair, then trails his fingers down her bare shoulders and arms, feeling goosebumps rise on her supple skin at his touch. She squirms slightly at his gentle touch causing him to grab the nape of her neck forcing her to look at him, “Do I frighten you, baby girl?” he says in a very low and soft voice.
She swallows hard, “No, Sir.” She sees his eyes soften as he smiles down at her. Her body shaking with anticipation and desire as she takes in his handsome face, a shock of red hair falling across his forehead.
He watches her closely, as he reaches down and grabs her trembling hands to caress them tenderly, he releases her neck and she obediently, albeit reluctantly, lowers her gaze once again. “Up, baby girl,” he commands.
Quickly she unfolds her legs and stands before him, still quivering with anticipation. Her heart beating rapidly as she listens closely, not only with her ears but her entire body. Seamus releases her hands to stand behind her then leans into her taking in her scent with a long drawn breath. He exhales across the side of her neck and chuckles deeply as he sees her body shudder almost violently to the feel of his hot breath. “Good girl.” He strokes her soft skin again, then laces his fingers with hers to lead her to the center of the room. “Get into position, baby girl.”
Without a word, she places her hands and elbows on the desk in front of her while he slowly and tenderly strokes her bare bottom, admiring the view, then suddenly he raises a hand and smacks her rump. She groans at the sudden, but pleasurable pain. He chuckles to himself as he smacks her rump three more times, much harder than before. Her groans causing his desire to see his mark on her gorgeous, unmarred ass. He presses his body to hers, feeling his own desire beginning to match hers, and whispers in her ear, “What do you want, baby girl?” He kisses her neck tenderly, then swats her reddening ass one more time.
Her mind clouded with pleasure and pain, she attempts to clear her head at the unexpected question. She stammers, unable to gather a clear thought, then groans loudly at the last swat. “To …. be…. yours, Sir,” she finally said.
“You are mine, baby girl,” he chuckles. Smacking her rear several times more, enjoying watching her body writhe with confusion. “What do you want?” He asks again, with each word being punctuated with a smack, each harder than the one before.
She groans and moans with each strike of his powerful hand. Emitting a soft growl as she attempts to focus on the question at hand. Hearing his chuckle at her confusion she grows embarrassed at her lack of control under his artful hands. “Love, Sir.”
“Do you think that I don’t love you, baby girl?”
She gasps, “no, you do, Sir.”
“Then, what is it that you want?” He slaps her hot, red ass, then gently caresses the wound, before slapping it one more time.
“I want to feel you, inside of me, Sir,” she blushes at her own admittance of the truth. Her hunger for him had been increasingly growing recently, and she did not understand the desire.
He smiles and chuckles softly at her confession. Leaving a hand on her freshly battered ass, he caresses the outline of her welts, watching her wriggle under his tenderness.

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