Aftermath 1.11.2011

His gentle touch on her tear stained cheek warmed her heart and opened her soul, she wasn’t ready to look up at him, her tears still streaming down her face. He leaned down and kissed her wet cheeks, softly humming their song to her. He gathers her up in his arms, pulling her across his lap, like a child, tenderly while rocking her back and forth, absorbing her sobs, knowing they will subside, and he must be there for her. “Shhh, baby girl,” he utters softly between humming. Stroking her hair and kissing her temples, he continues to rock her.
She buries her head into his strong chest, reaching up to gently lace her fingers in his long, red locks, playing with it while her sobs begin to subside. She sighs softly, then finally looks up into his bright blue eyes. “That session was tough on you, baby girl,” he says, while reaching down with one hand, tracing the fresh, hot welts on her ass, watching her squirm at his gentle touch. She whimpers softly and nods, words not able to find their way from her brain. He softly touches her chin with a finger while looking deeply into her intense golden-green eyes, he leans in to kiss her lips lightly. She meets his lips with hunger and passion that she never knew she could have felt. Security was a luxury that she had only known over these last few months, though it had seemed a lifetime since Seamus had found her.
He breathed deeply of her scent as their tender kisses aroused them both, his hands roaming over her entire body, memorizing each curve, and he made certain to be extra gentle while lingering on her welts. He breaks the kiss and holds her face in his strong hands, looking into her mesmerizing eyes. “Tell me, baby girl,” he says as his lips hover over hers.
She raggedly inhales, gathering her thoughts. “I have been bad, Seamus,” her eyes lowering slightly as she starts to continue, his curious face closely watching her, but not interrupting her precious thoughts, “or so I believed. Always wanting to do what others desired of me, but never able to enjoy my actions.” She paused for a moment, still gathering her thoughts, “No One, until you wanted to hear what I,” she paused again and with more clarity she continued, “You, you did not need to listen me,” she looked into his eyes. “You heard my body crying out in anguish and longing. I… I didn’t even realize it, until now.” She sighs softly and looks curiously at him, now. “How? Did?” she starts to ask, but he lays a single finger across her lips.
“Shhhh, baby girl. Those questions will be answered later.” He replaces his finger with his lips and kisses her softly and passionately. “You are mine, now. Do not fear.” He kisses her once more, then hugs her tightly while stroking her long, dark hair. “You are mine,” he repeats before he continues rocking and humming to her.

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