Nightmares ~~unfinished~~

06Feb2011 ~~
I cannot seem to finish this piece, so I offer it for your consumption, as it has been attempting to consume me for weeks now….

“Calm down, Anna,” were the first words she remembered hearing as she sat, cradled and shaking in his strong arms. He rocked her side to side while humming and shushing her intermittently. The soft and gentle touch of his dexterous hand on her face, wiping away the tears, began to bring her back from the nightmare she had been having. As she blinked up into his bright blue eyes, he could see the anguish on her face as it began to subside as he tried his best to soothe the savage beast that he knew lay inside her, and only came out in these instances. “You’re fine, baby girl,” he sighed quietly across her cheek as he kissed her tenderly, continuing to caress her skin.
Her vision clearing to the present and out of her horrible dream. She simply nodded up at him and exhaled aloud. She was typically rattled immediately after the nightmare, but over time, she had become accustomed to them after years. He is the first person she could remember who cared enough to stay, though she had not intended on sharing this part of her, at least not as soon as she had. She had tried to lie her way out of staying with him that first night, after they’d been seeing each other for a few months, but had finally disarmed her completely and made everything seem perfect. Too perfect.

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