Hello world! (added to 6/3/14)

Welcome to the ramblings of a DirtyPony…

Who am I? 

I’m submissive to StupidButt (SB)… He’s the first person whom I’ve EVER submitted to…I don’t remember the day it happened, but one day, he was sitting on the couch, and instead of sitting beside him, I knelt at his feet, wrapped my arms around his legs and placed my head on his lap, and just sat there like that… I think it made him a little uncomfortable, but I’m not sure if it was because he thought I was uncomfortable or he knew what I was doing and wasn’t sure how to take/what to do from there… and that was before I ever thought things would get as serious as they’ve begun to get.. .and I absolutely love it!  I adore this man with all of my being…  Not only do I adore him I trust him with my life.  I know he will never do something to intentionally harm me.  I’ve known that almost since I met him.

What am I?

Apparently an anomaly…. I’m probably one of the most reactive  (touch-wise) and sexually driven women in the world… I hunger for sex and touch more than any other woman that I’ve met (or that other men have met)… I like being different, but sometimes it’s a  PITA (pain in the ass), because some people (guys mostly) think they can “handle” me and my needs/wants/desires…. Hell… I’m just discovering some of them for myself…. Before SB I refused to like toys or even let them be used on me…. NOW… since him…. **shudders happily** I have to say…. I enjoy them….but he knows how to use them…. that’s the difference…  He and I have such high sex drives that we tend to wear each other out… but even after we’ve “played” for hours… our bodies still react to the others’ touch…. it’s amazing to me that he wants me… truly WANTS me… **sighs happily**  I want him just as much as he wants me… therefore, unfortunately, he and I living together is probably not ever going to happen… we would constantly want to play…. which sounds cool, til you realise neither of us would want to go to work… I’d say one or both of us would want to call into work at least once a week….  not conducive to earning money that way….

Why do I care if you know or understand?

I don’t… this is more for me and SB…  not that we don’t talk on a daily basis… just to remind me (and him) of things that have happened.. feeling and wotnot going on around…  it’s more of a journal… but it will be something that I’ll use as I like… especially now that We signed our contract on June 1st, 2014…. I tend to get caught up in  my own mind and sometimes can’t get out… that’s one of the brilliant things he does for me… one of the many….

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