Yesterday (6/3)

I guess I could say oddly…. we were “basically” almost completely domestic… I mean… doesn’t every domestic couple go to the store and buy a light-up leash for their human pet?  And look at everything in the store in a “different” light?  Probably not.. most vanilla people would think we were just weird.. well…. fuck I’d much rather be weird than normal any day!  “Normals” almost scare me, now-a-days…. with all their hidden agendas, hidden secrets, and just secrets… I’m at the age where I say what I feel and think, most times.. yes I DO have a filter.. and a sense of who’s around (like children and grandparents)…  But we didn’t do anything truly sexual… not that we need it..we both like it but it was getting way too late after we spend over two hours walking around the store, searching for things we needed.. and ended up just getting things we wanted (like tons of candy, popcorn, chips and dip all for movie night with JJ)….way too much candies and such.. but they’ll keep… haha

I enjoy playing around with SB.. no matter what we do.. he definitely keeps me on my toes and very much alive… Everyone thinks he’s the innocent one, because I’m typically the one who says what I think, which, truth be known, a lot of the time is to see others’ reactions… the look of almost sheer panic or “OMFG, did she just say that?”  “Did she truly mean that?”  Makes people wonder about me… and it gives me a slight…. I guess you could say thrill-ish feeling inside… because they think I’m exaggerating.. when it’s the truth… and….. as I’ve always heard “Truth is stranger than fiction.”  That’s the life I lead… shock them before they have a chance to make an uneducated and misinformed opinion of me.

With that being said, sure I’d have loved to have shagged SB, but now, as his property, I must listen closer to his wishes, needs, and desires… and I knew, we both knew, that he needed to get to bed because he had to work in the morning….

Why don’t you  just stay over there over night?”  You might ask… well… many reasons… but the biggest one is that his Mister Happy wouldn’t allow either of us to sleep for very long and he’d end up being very late for work or extremely tired for work.. or both… and it keeps things more fresh with us not living together or staying together (much)…and, with as much as I love surprises -both giving and especially receiving- it makes those even easier to procure!! 🙂

I have to admit, though, I’m super horny right now…  And I’ve been given an assignment for the future (the sooner the better, IMHO), and that’s to masturbate for (and with) our pet, get him “off” and get off with him…. I’ve tentatively scheduled it for tomorrow morning (6/5)… and even though I failed on the first full day of being His property, he’s being extremely generous and allowing me to masturbate and even to cum…. I’ve not wanted to masturbate so badly in such a long time….  Part of it is the fact that I have to ask permission -even if it’s in the middle of the night- to masturbate now…. it’s a thrilling thought, but something I’ve never “had” to do before… and now it’s necessary… I’m really trying to be good, I promise Daddy.  Thank You for this opportunity, I hope I please you.

Completely domesticated, I don’t believe we ever will become.. but we CAN do domestic things… mmhmm  mmhmm mmhmm!

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