Did you know? 3.10.2014

I would do just about anything for you.
If you need something
–ask me–
I’ll do what I can to help.
I constantly want to be near you.
You unceasingly amaze me.
I cherish our friendship more than
I could have ever imagined.
I’m thankful Every. Single. Day.
that I had to courage to
“break the ice” with you.
I wish I had the words to express
all my feelings for you.
Where my words fail,
I hope my actions are enough.

Sometimes I get very scared.
“Why?” You ask.
“I’m scared of myself.
–my desires,
wants, needs,
cravings and hunger.
I don’t know how to satiate them,
nor can I always control them.”
It’s not painful, not exactly…..
frustrating? Yes!
scary? Extremely!
I think you ‘re helping me,
as I help you.
Maybe I think too much?
I get “in my head,”
(as I like to say)
and you have this …..
of saying or doing things
that pulls me out of myself.

I find it makes me speechless,
your incredible caring for me,
about me, my health and my life.
Not to mention:
You not only hear me,
but you LISTEN to me.
somehow, I forget, sometimes.

I feel that I fail you from time to time.
I know you only ask me
to have fun, be honest, and open.
Which I am, all of those.
but, sometimes Mother Nature strikes her course
and I fear I will let you down.
I haven’t, yet, that I’m aware of……
we have fun.

I’m just silly and too harsh on myself.

Thank you.
For just being you.
For letting me find a voice and outlet.
For Listening to me.
For wanting me.
And most importantly, for being my friend
and helping me explore new things
and learn to love my crazy body.

Again, thank you.

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