Punishment 1.17.2011

His slap across her face landed so hard that her head swung to the right and she tasted blood. “What the fuck did I tell you?” he yelled at her as she winced and whimpered while tied in a kneel at his feet. Her golden green eyes wide with terror and hunger simultaneously as her mind and body reeled from the blow. She wasn’t able to answer him due to the the ball gag in her mouth, she simply whimpered again and braced for another blow that she knew would eventually land. He watched her tense and beautiful body for several moments then sighed, “What the fuck, Anna?”
She looked up at him again, her eyes simmered with mixed pain and hunger and wondered if he would ever allow her to touch him again. As she knelt there, she remembered the rules:
#1: Never lie.
#2: Never hide her body from him.
#3: Never harm herself.
The last rule was always the most difficult one to follow when she was upset or fretting. With the upcoming visit from her parents, her anxiety was at an all-time high, but she had not wanted to alarm him, so she did not express herself and her worry to him.
She had not set out to cut her self that morning, she had just finished making lunch and started to wash the dishes in the sink when she accidentally grabbed the blade part of the knife and felt the cool, comforting prick. She gasped with mixed pleasure, pain and fear. She had not harmed herself since he had found the gash on the top of her foot, nine months ago.
She stared at the blade for what seemed like an eternity, then she pressed the tip into her palm and stooped her self at first, then quickly dug the blade in her palm and she instantly felt pain and relief as she saw the trickle of blood seep from her skin. She shuddered and sighed. The suddenly she remembered the rules. “Shit!! Shit, shit, shit, shit!” she kept muttering. She found a towel and quickly wrapped her hand in it. “It’s a small cut, right?” she asked herself, then unwrapped to look at the wound again and saw it was still bleeding. “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit,” she cussed herself again as she hurriedly looked around the kitchen.
“Is everything alright, Anna?”
Her body froze by the quickly chilled blood in her body at the realisation of his nearness and his future disappointment due to her actions. She heard him stir from his desk when she hadn’t answered quickly enough. She finally gulped and said, “It will be, baby. Don’t worry.” She held her breath until she heard him sit back down and start tapping on his keyboard.
Her mind raced, wondering what she should do. She had already broken the first and the third rule, “Why not break the second one as well?” she asked herself. “NO!! no no no no. I can’t do that.”
She sighed to herself and slowly walked into his office, her hand held behind her back and she waited for him to take notice of her. “What is it, Anna?” he looked a slight bit perturbed.
“Um,” she started and paused, then just showed him her hand. “This.” She winced, though she had no idea why. He had never hurt her before, not on purpose at least.

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