Hungry ALL the time…..
Aching for your touch and taste
Constantly. Insatiably. Hungering.
What’s wrong with me?
Is there anything wrong?
–to ache, hunger, long, want for you?
How do I learn to control these feelings?
I hurt when I can’t talk to you.
Your voice, soothes me…
even when I accidentally wake you up late at night.
so very sorry about that
Am I addicted to playing with you?
If I am, is that such a bad thing?
to crave you?
What is it about you?
I want you and I need you
unlike any other I’ve ever known.
When we’re “done” playing,
our bodies still gravitate together.
It’s not just mine this time
I see yours longing for mine too,
and it thrills me and scares me simultaneously….
I’m not scared of losing you anymore,
You are a part of me
I know that we will always be friends.
I’m scared, now, that I’ll be ruined for anyone else.
You KNOW me
and you’ve never judged me
–no matter how “deviant” my thoughts are
You WANT me
that blows my mind
I can’t remember a time that I’ve ever had those two together.
or even apart.
You’ve helped wake up this insatiable beast,
you’re helping me explore my deepest and darkest corners.
It excites me, and, for once, I’m not scared.
To finally find someone willing to listen
and actually HEAR what I say.
–even when I think you’ve not heard me.
I find myself blown away again.
Where are we going?
Who knows?
I just know I’m enjoying the journey,
and happy for the first time in a very long time.
truly happy.
And trusting you has been one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.
I don’t know why.
I don’t question it.
Nor do I question you.
–That amazes me.
I know we’re far from perfect.
Definitely not saying that,
we ARE a good fit for each other.
I miss you today.
Not sure why it’s so intense.
I try not to question
as it seems when I do
the hunger begins eating me.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,
from my bare bottom,
and the rest of my naked body
–that you keep turned on and touching–
for helping me rediscover myself
and open those doors that have been locked tightly.
Openness, Honesty, and Trust.
til you,
they’ve only been hollow words.
Words I’ve always respected and desired.
You help complete me,
and continuously amaze me.
Thank you, again.
I’ll keep thanking you.
You deserve it.
You’ve earned it.

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