Hungover 1.14.2014

She sighs softly, slightly holding her breath before exhaling. “What have I done?” she mutters to herself as she looks around for the thousandth time since waking. A smile crosses her face as she tilts her head. The changes she’s gone through over the last year, all of the little twists and turns that she dreaded, hated and whined about, have led her here…. to one of the happiest times in her life that she can remember. She shakes her head again with an even larger smile. If anyone had told her, a year ago, that she would have two wonderful lovers, let alone one, she would have called them a liar.

The realisation that her feelings, desires, needs and wants are completely valid still amazes her. Amazement is the best she can describe her thoughts currently. Her only rules…. she scoffs at the word rules….. what to call them… All she asks for is complete, open honesty and freedom. Freedom to discover who she is, who she’ll be, and who she wants to be. This journey she’s begun, the sexual one, is new. Granted, she’s far from completely innocent, but she’s still learning herself. Her deepest and darkest desires, she’s learning to bring them to the light of day and see that they’re not bad, simply because they are who she is, who she’s wondered about, this great and incredibly sexual being. ENJOY! Fucking enjoy everything. How do you know it’s not what you like/want/desire if you don’t give things a chance?

What’s wrong with enjoying yourself or someone else? She raises her eyebrows at her own question. Society, especially American, has such a stifled view on sex. It’s such a taboo, but everyone does it, even the nuns and priests. So why is it such a “horrible” topic to talk about?

She realises her relationships aren’t for everyone’s taste. Hell, a year ago, they weren’t for her, either. What happened? She stares out into the living room for a moment as her golden-green eyes go unfocused as she “sees” the boys playing together while contemplating the past year, yet again. Sighing softly she focuses her eyes on the boys and chuckles softly as they knock over the little scratching post, yet again, and they all scurry away, to slowly come back and sniff the post and each other.

What’s so bad about an open relationship? Complete honesty and sharing? HA! Nothing wrong with that, is there? NO need for secrets with her lovers. They know everything. Sharing everything. And MUST have pictures!! Who’d have thought she was such an exhibitionist? Seriously? The once shy, extremely body conscious girl, loves to show off! Voyeurism, sure, most love to watch, but to be watched, now that’s a fucking turn on! Stills are good, but a live porno? Who wouldn’t be turned on by that? Especially if it’s people you know!! Sure, it might make things a little odd in person, but …. honestly, weren’t you turned on, watching her get tied up and fucked? She knows she was turned on and fucked good, squirting every where, soaking the bed, yet again.

The more the merrier, come on! Let’s go have an orgy! Body parts everywhere, losing track of who is touching, tasting, caressing, sucking whom!

One lover is out of town and the other lays in bed slumbering after their first time of fucking. She sighs with a smile as her hazy golden-green eyes water while she yawns from lack of sleep.

~~These have been the Thoughts and ramblings of a hungover PonyAnna who’s definitely far from silent, especially in the bedroom, or wherever she gets fucked.~~

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