meh…… 3.08.2014

**sighing softly**

Feeling lonely….
I hate this feeling.

I blame the bi-polar weather….
yesterday it was chilly,
but the SUN was shining brightly.
Today? It’s cold, rainy and miserable.
I also blame my fantastic work schedule.
No stable work times…
not to mention…
I AM a female….
and “that time” isn’t my favourite


Missing you doesn’t help either.
**shrugs and smiles softly**

I’ll be okay.
Always am.

Just frustrated
and craving the sunshine again.

Your sunshine brightens my day,
did you know that?

I’m ready for spring time!!

Bring on the sunshine,
bees and
baby birds.

Yes, I’ll be okay.
Just not right now.
And hopefully,
a lil later today…..


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