Ouch 4.24.2014

So apparently I’ve not been drinking enough water..and, unfortunately, as a result… I’ve developed an UTI… very painful, and something I’m definitely going to do my very best to not get again… **sighs loudly**

All I want to do is curl up beside you,
place my head in your lap
and let you pet my hair,
comfort me,
show me how much you care.
I know you do…
I just miss you, right now.
Your touch,
Your smell,
Your voice,
And your laughter.
You comfort me in ways that I thought I’d never find.
I miss you.

I feel bad…
not just physically…
I feel like I’ve let you down.
I didn’t listen to my body soon enough,
Now I’m in loads of pain.
I hurt because I miss you so much,
silly, I know…
but silly I am.

I should be sleeping…
I’d love to be sleeping…
but my pain…
it has words tonight,
And it wanted
and needed
to be heard.

I can’t seem to stop crying,
Why? I’m asking myself that.

Such an emotional creature I am,
and you don’t mind it.
You amaze me, still,
and every day.
Ever day that you still want me,
with my tears of joy, sadness, and pain,
You still want me.

I wonder what I’ve done,
and how I’ve managed to be so lucky
to have found you.
I feel, sometimes, undeserving,
But I’m always grateful to wake up knowing
That you care and that I’m a part of your world…

Thank you. For all that you do for me.
Thank you. For being my best friend and confidante…
Thank you. For never judging me when I bring up extra kinky ideas…. Okay, so maybe they’re not all that extra kinky,
But they’ve been extra kinky to others
(who’ve since ran away, as fast as they could)
Thank you. For the laughter (and causing me to snort-laugh) tonight,
I really needed those laughing tears!
You will always have a HUGE place in my heart!

No…this isn’t a “Dear John” thing…
You know me…it’s just how I feel,
how I write, and express myself…

Now I’ve cried myself tired, finally…
and put words to my silly, crying self…

Slumber beckons….

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