Promises 1.27.2011

Her fingertips lingering across his skin,
softly and lightly caressing every inch of him.
Leaning into him,
she kissed his lips
tasting his sweet, ruggedness
Her desire growing,
hotter and hotter
threatening to explode

“Take your time, Anna”
his deep voice rumbled.
She slowed and calmed herself.

Her golden-green eyes fixed on his moody blues,
his smile allowed her to continue
she kissed and nipped his lips.
Her longing was only amplified
by his enticing flavour.

Trailing kisses to his neck,
she sighed across his skin
“I love you”
before biting him gently at first.
His moan belied his tranquil body,
Causing her to bite him harder
as she slid her body atop his,
molding her ampleness to him.
He could feel her moistness
through the fabric of her lace panties
as she straddled his loins
and began slowly moving her hips.
She released her hold on his neck,
slowly rising to sit up,
allowing her generous bosom
to jiggle as she continued moving.
She began to feel his arousal pressing,
He grabbed her hips tightly,
her smoldering eyes locked onto his again.
“Please,” she begged,
trying to feel his hardness against herself.
“Not yet, Anna,”
his brilliant smile trying to hide his own ache.
“We have time.”
He slowly rolled over onto his side,
nuzzling her cheek and stroking her back.
He sighed across her neck,
she shuddered,
he softly chuckled,
smiling down at her.
“Tell me about your day,”
he asked as he kissed her lips tenderly.

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