Surprise! 4.10.2014

Today started out as a fairly typical day for me…. get up, chill for a few minutes with my cats, text SB, get ready for work, then head to work. Sometimes I get to talk to SB on my way to work, sometimes not. Today, he called as I got to work and had clocked in… so I didn’t have the time I like to talk with him. It’s life. We both work. *shrugs* It is what it is. I did e-mail him off and on during work, and I’ve been mentioning that I’ve been extremely horny and wanting him, and even using his glow-in-the-dark replica that he made for me a few weeks ago.

SB’s back has been bothering him so our last time together was a sweet time… sure we had great sex and a great time together, but I was so scared to hurt him any further that I didn’t even attempt to press him for more, though I think we both WANTED more, we also knew, or in my mind we both knew, that he needs to heal more before anything extra strenuous happens. I care for him greatly. **smiles softly**

With all that being said….. about 30 minutes before I was to get off from work, guess who walks in? You guessed right if you guessed it was SB! I was happily distracted. You see, I have a “work face” that I have while working, since I work retail I have to have a happy but business face. He walks in and I turn slightly stupid and get oddly nervous. I know he’s not judging me, but around him I’m just… silly me. DirtyPony as he calls me. *smiling brightly* But DirtyPony is my naughty/darker side. I guess I can call it darker… definitely more sensual side. My “normal” side, as it were… the side I show when I’m not at work. GAH… difficult to describe but, alas….

I was uber curious as to why he showed up. I knew I wasn’t in trouble. So, once my crowd died down, I curiously asked him.
“I’ve a surprise for Bert.” (Bert is the name of my car.)
I tilted my head, “For Bert? Really? What is it??”
He rocked on his tip toes (imagine a 6’3 man rocking up on his tip toes, rather cute sight!) and said “I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise.” I raised my eyebrow at him and started to hand him my keys. “I’ll wait til you’re done here.”

Was I curios?? Hell yes!! Did I have any clue? No, not really. I was giggly with excitement. After I finished work I drove Bert around back where he’d parked, it seemed the logical thing to do. **shrugs** I was just super happy to see him! On a weekday!! Such a rarity any more, especially since he has to work early and I get off work late most days.

He bought Bert a Texas Ranger licence plate holder!! I am such a Ranger fan!! We’ve been looking for them for a few months and now that Baseball season is back around, he was able to find one! I was surprised and stoked! He wanted to put it on as soon as he bought it! You see, he’s NOT a sports fan, but he knows I love the Rangers… Gods, the man spoils me…. I don’t always know what to think, and usually there’s not much to THINK about, just accept and pay him back whenever I can in what ways I can! We decided to put it on the front plates. (He actually had to put the front plate on for me a few months ago since I bought my car in OK and those cars don’t need a front place.)

I kissed him and thanked him for that, then his eyes lit up and he said “Do you know what else I got?”
My eyebrows raised. “I have no idea.” I was looking around his truck for more stuff for Bert. The man is full of surprises, I tell you, full of them. I think he likes to see me smile and happy. I know I love watching his blue eyes shine with mirth and happiness!!
He leaned back into his truck, the front seat this time, and he said “This!”
My jaw dropped and I think I squealed or squeed. In his hand was a locking collar and on it was a Texas Ranger “dog tag”! OH MY GODS! I hugged him tightly, and kissed him again.
“And here, look.” He said as he turned the symbol over and he had “DIRTYPONY” inscribed on the back.
I could have cried. Could have, but didn’t. Loss of words.
“Do you want to try it on?” he asked.
I nodded my head emphatically. “Of course!!”
He locked it on me and I turned it around where the Texas tag shows and smiled so much!
“I like it better than the other one, this one gives you room. What do you think?”
I nodded, and slid my fingers between the collar and my neck. “Yes, much better. And I think the ring will be good for play too.” As I said the last bit he pulled on the ring, startled me slightly as I blinked up to him and was that much closer than I was before.
“Mmmhmm mmhmm, I think so.”

I couldn’t keep my hands off of him, nor he off me. Sure we’re out in public, but we were kind of secluded, but still on the property of my job and people can and do drive around the building from time to time, but I didn’t care. He kept putting his hands down my pants and I kept sliding my hands up his shirt. I love the way his skin feels on mine. I love the way he makes me feel special, needed, wanted, and hungry. He has a thing for butts… squeezing, touching, groping, kissing, just simply touching them.

I’ve been extremely sensitive and sexually hungry as of late, that once he started touching me, stroking my clit and fingering my pussy, I couldn’t help but to cum and squirt all over his hand, thus soaking my undies and jeans, but I didn’t care. He bent me over into the cab of his truck and pulled my pants down and had already unzipped his pants and we began fucking, right there, at night, cab light on. We did NOT care. I couldn’t see anything but he was watching and fucking. Gods. That was so intense. I had to be quiet, that was the most difficult thing, for me. The excitement of getting caught. The thrill of seeing him. The feel of him. Everything was crazy. The combination was sensory over load. I guess that’s what it was. INTENSE! For sure.

The sex was completely unplanned, unexpected, but FUCK was it good? Fuck YES! Do I want more? Always, but I will be good for a few days, I hope *chuckles*

“Guess we can mark off both Sex in public and sex outdoors.” He said.
I just laughed and agreed.

He gets me, gets to me, like no other ever has. I am still thankful for meeting him. Thank you, SB!

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