Long over due update

So many things have changed…  **sighs heavily**  Mostly good, but seems like so much chaos has been formed because of the changes… Some think I’ve (or SB and I) forgotten about them… when, in fact, that’s totally not the case… I’m hoping there’s not any hard feelings due to neglect or lack of communication…  If there are hard feelings, I sincerely apologise!

Where to start?  I would say from the beginning, but I’m not sure where the beginning began…. heh…

Work:  Wow… in November (2013) I was moved to 34097… I was hesitant, but willing and open to new things and ideas.  I met AZ the first day! He and I hit it off.. simply for the fact that we both play WoW (World of Warcraft)… such kismet…  a few weeks later I met SB, thanks to AZ, since SB plays WoW as well, and they played together… though, with that part, I digress (to a degree).  Forward to January and one day two FC’s (Field Consultants (management just above the store manager (SM))) and they fire my manager, being Assistant Manager, I was rather freaked out… then when they called me to the back office I was expecting to get my walking papers too, though I’d done nothing wrong and not received ANY sort of write ups.  I was confused and worried… They told me I was getting a new manager, and just to hang in there and do what I’d been doing–working to the best of my abilities and going by company policies.  Enter JC, my new manager…. she seemed cool at first… then it seemed like she was working on trying her best to get rid of me…. **shakes head** In the time I’d been with the company (since Nov ’12 officially, Feb ’06 technically) I’ve had MAYBE mAYBE one write up….. JC gives me 3 in one day–that are 2 weeks OLD…….. really??  Seriously??  **shakes head again** When I was manager, I only waited to write someone up if they had a day or two off after the incident…. but two weeks?  NO, no, I wasn’t on vacation…. Yes, I’ve been looking for other work since then… trust me… it’s difficult… but *sighs* it’s necessary… if not away from my company, at the very least, away from that store…  Forward to the end of June (’14) and JC gets moved out  to the store on Berry and that manager gets moved (back) to my store… Enter SJ  *sighs*  JC knew I was moving at the end of the month, so she’d planned on me having a few days off in a row, since she couldn’t’ give me vacation at the time (which was nice of her) and the management change happened about a week or so before I was to move… JC explained it to SJ and he seemed to be amicable with it all… SEEMED… then all hell broke loose and we lost our graveyard person, and, unfortunately for me, I’m the ONLY one on the entire crew who could work every shift… so……. voila I was “volunteered” to work it….. and SJ told me that he couldn’t work it because he has a family………. WAIT!!  WHAT????  I don’t have family?? Isn’t that some sort of discrimination?? I may not have children or blood family that care about me… but I do have people who rely on and miss me, as I miss them too… GRRRRRR  **takes a deep calming breath**  So far, my relationship with SJ has been dodgy…. as far as me trusting ANYTHING he says…  I found out that 36312 happens to have a couple of slots, one coming available in the middle of August… so I asked him for a transfer….. I’m still waiting on that… 36312 is less than 5 minutes away from my house… whereas 34097 is up to 30 minutes (depending upon traffic and construction)…. in the meanwhile… yes, I got moved, no I wasn’t too thrilled about it… but currently, as of this writing, I am off work til August 2nd because I’m on VACATION!!!  **does the happy happy pony prancing dance**

Home:  I moved into a 1BR apartment with my best friend JJ in December ’13… two women, three cats in a 1BR apartment… a small 1BR at that… it was…. interesting.. hehe  Not in a bad way… I left most of all of any furniture with my ex-hubby…. no need to move much into a (practically) furnished apartment.. plus, there was no where I could have put the king sized mattress since I was sleeping in the living room…  Perfect time for me to downsize, so I was pretty happy about that.  We have had the idea of moving into a 2BR since before I moved in, she would have had to have paid all of her old lease–upfront–before we could have moved into a 2BR when I moved in in December… so, we “suffered” through  with the 1BR til we could get into a bigger space…  The worst part of everything is, somehow, our 1BR got infested with fleas and I was having to give the cats baths weekly…. they hated me for it and I wasn’t too thrilled about it… but it was something that needed to be done.. my oldest, Mister Hobbes, who’s my strong boy was getting very ill… and I still feel guilty for not catching the signs earlier.. but now, I am being proactive (as opposed to reactive) when it comes to any sort of bug or their temperament/personality changing…. plus we didn’t want to bring fleas to the new place…. so we have done just about everything we can think of to prevent the carrying of fleas… I think we’ve succeeded, thus far… and weekly bathing of the cats has helped.. again, they hate me, and they don’t really like to go into the bathroom when I’m running water in the tub (I don’t know why… hehe)… We moved from an 800 SqFt 1BR apartment, if that large, into 1200 SqFt 2BR……. and I have MY OWN SPACE for the first time in almost a decade!!!!!!!!!  It’s so surreal… what’s even more surreal is to have SB come over to see me…..  **giggly cheezie grin**  The day we christened my new bed, I looked up at the ceiling and then looked at him, looked around the room again, and started giggling.. poor SB was confused…. then I stopped giggling long enough to tell him that it felt surreal… he was still confused… I said “You’re in MY house, in MY bedroom, in MY bed.  We’re fucking at MY place!!”  Then I giggled again…. I think he chuckled at me and then squeezed me in a nice big hug.  “Well, yeah?”  I still don’t know if he understood how surreal it was for me.. it’s still a bit surreal… I mean, since November I’ve been going to his place… now he can come (cum) to my place!!  It’s pretty awesome…. Yes.. the simple things thrill me  *smiles goofily*

SB and me:  Doesn’t seem that much has changed with the two of us… and that’s good.  I sometimes wonder if he knows how much I appreciate him…. all he does for me and how much I enjoy his company… whether it’s in person or on the phone… I crave his touch, his smile, his laugh…. him…. all of him.  And I know he likes my company as well, but I also know there are times when one, or both of us, are in need of space and chill time… it’s weird that we seem to have those moments at about the same time… He’s so easy going, but I do see that stern side that skims across, just underneath the surface.  I love the fact that I always feel protected around him… I don’t worry… in fact, he helps me smile and look at things from a bit of a different perspective, when I get too intense or frustrated about something.  I love that I’m learning some of his subtle signs of frustration or distaste or simple joy… and I think he’s so damned sexy and handsome… even when he’s not feeling well or happy…  *shrugs*  Smitten? I am most definitely!  Happy?  Indubitably!

Sexually:  SB and I are GREAT!!!  Though with me being on GY shifts for such a long time, if we were lucky, we got to see each other about 6 hours per week.. that’s drastically shortened from our 6 hour sessions every couple of days…. such frustrations….. and we’ve met a few couples lately…….. MY fucking KINGDOM for a guy  with a dick and who can fuck!!!  What the FUCK is the deal??  Either we find guys with tiny dicks who splooge their load as soon as they see or touch my pussy…. or guys with big dicks who can’t keep it hard??  Seriously???  SB  needs a pinch hitter when it comes to me…… sheesh…. I used to blame everything on me–the guy’s inability to stay hard and or get it up or keep it up…. but SB has SHOWN me and keeps showing me that it’s definitely NOT MY fault…. some guys, especially with age have permanent “whiskey dick” syndrome (my new terminology)… The desire is there but the ability to either get it hard or keep it hard is not there… which sucks.. even with Cialis or even “the blue pill” (Viagra) –then again, I don’t think drinking alcolhol on top of trying to take a couple Cialis or Viagras would work or help the issue……grrrrrr  I don’t mean to sound like a size queen…… but……. damn….

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