This is a letter I wrote to SB… there’s a lot of stuff going on at “home” but not because of Him… a dirty hand has been dealt to myself and my roommate by the apartment complex… and she’s the type to not do anything or want to deal with conflict at all…. and I’m… Continue reading topsy-turvy


Here I go again… Doubting myself.. I know I’m not the most beautiful person in the world, but, today, I feel like I’m troll-ish ugly…. I know part of the problem is that I am a very emotional being, and with being a woman, when my period starts–especially when it hits me hard and hurts… Continue reading Doubts…

Supposed to

be sleeping…… it’s been so hectic, chaotic, and extremely busy lately….. ugh…. So many changes going on… mostly good ones but one I wasn’t expecting was the one that happened at work…. Yet ANOTHER management change…. I’ve been at the “new” store since November, and my first Manager got fired, and now my “new” manager… Continue reading Supposed to

We did it…..

it’s been an interesting beginning to June… SB and I signed a Master/slave contract on June 1, 2014!  *breathes heavily*  whew…. It’s pushing both of us out of our typical comfort zones, though, not a lot is going to actually change in our relationship as it stands, just a lil more structure and my mind… Continue reading We did it…..